Tuesday, June 02, 2009

:: 52 Voices Crew Team ::

These are the additional information of the event that will surely be helpful...

Date : 21th June-24th June 2009

Venue: Intec Great Hall of INTEC, UiTM Kampus Seksyen 17
(we are still considering if we could manage to hold the event in seminar hall of cemara college)

Time: 8.30 a.m. (21st june)-3.30 p.m. (24th june)

Langauge divisions: So far, the spekaers for English and Malay language will be speaking during night period due to unnecessity of observing lecturers. Thus the observing lecturers will come from the Akademi Pengajian Bahasa of UiTM as well as INTEC language lecturers)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conditions Entry

  1. The event is open to all invited school and tertiary institution students, as well as the teachers, lecturers and officers of the particular educational institution.
  2. Multilingual observant officer will be used when to adjudicate the validity of language usage.
  3. The topic of the public speaking must be related to the suggested theme. The contents of the public speaking must not touch any sensitive issues or any issues related to that.
  4. Any visual aids or props may be used by speakers in order to help the audience to comprehend the speech. However, it is advisable to consult the organizer for any implementation.
  5. The transportation of the speaker to a region and or provincial event and the maintenance of the speaker at the event site shall be the responsibility of the participant and the educational institution represented by the speaker itself.
  6. Food and beverages will be provided throughout the event.
  7. Accommodation will be provided upon request. The fees charged are subjected to college’s current rate.
  8. All participants are required to be on the venue at least 2 hours before their turn to speak. Any late comers should inform the organizer on their delay to avoid upcoming problems.
  9. Participants can choose to have the public speaking session according to the scheduled given. However, the options of the speaking time depend on the availability. The early birds would stand better chance to get their selected times.
  10. Program t-shirt and food will be catered for the participants only.
  11. Certificates of participation will be given to the educational institution and the participant itself. It shall be given at the end of the session.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Division of Speakers

  • Hereby is the division of the speakers according to the language


Number of Speakers

Malay language










Russian language


Japan language


Korean language








* 446 speaking turns x 7 minutes = 3122 minutes

* 3122 minutes = 52 hours and 2 minutes

The Objectives

Basically, these are the main objectives for attempting this record:

i. To promote international preparatory programs in INTEC and to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence Day.

ii. To enhance students’ ability in speaking more than two main languages.

iii. To produce undergraduates who possess well-rounded personalities either
spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.

iv. To stress the importance of soft-skills for the students in achieving the
development of human capital to counteract the global challenge.

v. To provide a medium for the students to offer their opinion and views towards
global and national issues.

vi. To associate a bond between students to exchange their ideas, views and
experience regarding social and academic purposes.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Intec-UiTM's event- The 52Hours Non-Stop Multilingual Public Speaking is held with regards to promote international preparatory programs in INTEC and to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence Day, as well as UiTM 52nd Anniversary. We would be very delighted to open to partaking to all tertiary and secondary educational institutions students to enlighten our event with your mesmerizing and thrilling speaking. For any information regarding the event, kindly offer yourself to contact us: Ridhwan, Anise or Syarifah via email at intec52hoursppublicspeaking@gmail.com

Friday, March 20, 2009

Technical Details

This event would require each participant to speak for 7 minutes and it would go non-stop for 52hours. The event will approximately be held one or two weeks before the new semester begins. In order to make sure the continuity of the speaking, the participants will be delivering the speaking in three different podiums. Once the first speaker is done, the second speaker will continue to speak and to be continued by the rest of the participants until it reaches 52-hour time limit. There would be no limitations to the number of times each speaker can speak, and no adjudication for the speech.

For those who are engrossed to get yourself in and join this big event, you can opt to choose 10 different languages includes:

a)Malay language



d)Tamil language


f)Japan language

g)Korean language



j)Russian language

To expand your ideas upon the topic to speak, here are few suggested themes for the public speaking for you to choose. The themes include:


b)Social issues

c)Cultural diversity

d)Health and environment


f)Science and technology

Yet we would not let the participants to suffer from hunger during the events. Therefore all along the 52 hours progress, we would cater the participants with ample meal supply. You do not have to worry that your breakfast, tea-break, lunch, dinner and supper would be provided. Plus, snacks, coffee and tea would also be provided so that you can speak the best that you could. The best thing here that we offer you a night of stay in our beloved college Cemara Akasia so that you would not have problem concerning accommodation. For any other possible things that are requested, we would try our best to assist you during the program. We are delighted to serve you as a part of the participants who make our event a big success!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Greetings everyone!

Assalamualaikum! Hello! Hai! Ni Hao! Vanakkam! Zdravstvuite!Konichiwa! Annyong Haseyo! Guten Tag! Bonjour!

Intec of UiTM will organize an event which is called "The Longest Non-Stop Multilingual Public Speaking 2009." This event would be certified by the Malaysia Book of Records and we also aim to hit the Guinness Book of Records as well! Therefore this blog is dedicated for the program updates.

We would like to welcome for any speakers from all the secondary and tertiary institutions to take part and voice yourself as one of the speakers in this big event.

The 52 Hours records significant the 52 years of Malaysia's Independence Day celebration.

Any suggestions are sincerely welcomed and thoughtfully appreciated!